Foam letters spell out “audiology tests” on a table.

What Is Audiology? An Introduction for New Patients

What Is Audiology? Here’s the Definition of Audiology.    Audiology, a specialized branch of science, focuses on hearing, balance, and related disorders. Originating from the Latin word “audīre,” meaning “to hear,” this field offers a comprehensive range of services through expert audiologists. These professionals are adept at diagnosing, treating, and managing hearing and balance disorders…

A holiday table showing a turkey, a pie, candles, and white china.

Celebrate the Season: Tips for Wearing Hearing Aids During the Holidays

The festive season is a time of warmth, connection, and celebration. However, for those with hearing impairments, the bustling holidays present distinct challenges. At Stanford Hearing, we understand the importance of clear communication and the joy it brings. Advanced hearing aids can significantly enhance holiday experiences, allowing for complete immersion in conversations that matter. Let’s…

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Making the Switch: A Guide to Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Advancements in rechargeable hearing aids offer users a convenient and cost-effective solution. Rechargeable batteries have become increasingly popular for their longevity and ease of use. Say goodbye to the days of frequent battery replacements and embrace a more sustainable and user-friendly option.   Understand more about hearing health.    Choosing the Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids…