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About Us

Hearing Healthcare can be a tricky avenue to understand.  Questions like, "Where do I go to ask questions?"  "Who do I see for help?"  "What is the right hearing aid for me?", or  "Do I need hearing aids?"  Fortunately, our staff have addressed these questions, and much more.  However, the first thing you need to have is TRUST.  You need to TRUST your provider and trust the clinic, which is something we pride ourselves in. Our trust is derived from three pillars:

Experience, Care, and Patient Feedback
  1. Our experienced staff at Stanford Hearing Aids is our educated staff.  Whether you work with Kris, Stephanie or Ann, rest assured they have the education and experience necessary to make the correct recommendations.  The office has been here since 1962 and has had the name Stanford Hearing Aids for 35 years, which has provided a long standing legacy you can count on.
  2. Patient care is the other pillar of trust.  We want each individual to be cared for as an individual.  Each patient is provided a complimentary initial appointment to assess their needs and provided their own unique solution.  Afterwards we strive to provide the patient with as much care as needed to make sure they adjust to their hearing aids. 
  3. Patient feedback is the third pillar of trust.  Most of our success comes from patients coming back time after time for their hearing needs as well as their referrals to friends and family.  We are thankful for this, and know we can't continue helping people without their loyalty.  We are also proud to have been named Local Best for 13 years running.  Our patient's feedback allows us to continue being the best we can be for them.