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Give the Gift of Hearing

We were happy so many people nominated their loved ones last year and we were fortunate to donate brand new hearing aids and services to someone in need. 

We are doing it again this year! To nominate someone for the Gift of Hearing, please write us an essay, including your name and the individual you are nominating. Please include a brief story why you are nominating the person and why they would be a good candidate*. 

You can submit the essay several ways. You can drop off the essay at our office, you can email the essay to [email protected] OR you can submit the essay through Facebook. 

Please submit the essay no later than Friday, December 6th

*Eligibility will be based on individuals hearing loss. If individual isn't qualified, we will select the next individual. Nominee will be fit by the end of the year.

Did you know you can hear a muted TV through your hearing aids? 

Tunity is a mobile app that allows users to hear live audio through a muted TV. It’s simple. Once you download the app, scan the TV and the audio connects directly to your smart phone and through your paired hearing aids. Please call us to walk you through it or stop by and allow us to show you.