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Why Purchase Custom Ear Protection

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Regardless of whether or not you have already suffered some degree of hearing loss, exposure to constant loud sounds or noisy environments is a real risk. Besides hearing difficult, it contributes to headaches, stress levels, lack of sleep, and much more. Hearing protection is your best weapon against fighting this over-exposure, but off-the-shelf earbuds are only so effective. Here’s why you should talk to an audiologist about custom ear protection.

Molded to your ear shape

As you might imagine, custom-made means made specifically for you. This begins with the shape, which is created using a mold of your own ears. The plugs this process produces fits much more comfortably, neatly sealing the ear instead of forcibly plugging it like off-the-shelf options. This also means an extra level of protection to your hearing that disposable kinds simply do not offer.

Molded to your needs

It’s not just the physical shape of your ears that custom hearing protection takes a bespoke approach to, either. How you protect your ears depends largely on the kinds of environment you are subjected to. Custom earplugs can be made, for instance, to protect you from the sharp, loud sounds of firearms if you hunt or the constant drill of machinery in a manufacturing environment. They can be made to be effective at blocking a particular level of noise, without compromising your hearing fully. There are even custom plugs made to be worn at concerts and other live shows that help you enjoy the music without being endangered by it.

They last much longer

As the name suggests, disposable earplugs have to be disposed of after they’re used. On the other hand, custom-made ear protection can be used time and time again, so long as they’re cleaned regularly. When you compare the cost of using custom-made protection for five years to the cost of using several disposable plugs a day for the same amount of time, the custom option also becomes the more cost-effective one even if it’s more expensive up-front.

They look much better

Beyond being uncomfortable, the poor fit of off-the-shelf earplugs makes them all the more noticeable and some people aren’t comfortable with how they look. Custom-made hearing protection is designed to fit the ear much more discreetly. What’s more, you can choose several different designs for them so they have an aesthetic that better fits your look and personality.

The lack of “over-protection”

When using off-the-shelf disposable earplugs, over-protection is a real issue. Besides reducing your level of noise exposure, poorly fit earplugs can feel like they isolate you from the environment around you as well. This can lead to people taking out their earplugs whenever someone needs to talk to them or they need to hear something specific, which makes them much more of a hassle.

If you live a life with too much exposure to sound, then you need to start thinking seriously about protecting your ears. Without custom hearing protection, you could end up seeing the audiologist for a hearing aid fitting, instead.