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When Should You See an Audiologist?

Hearing Doctor

One of the top five most common health problems in the US is hearing loss. It is something that affects over 80 million people in the country, and this means that there is a great need for qualified, certified audiologists across all states. These are the people who can accurately assess, diagnose, and treat a range of issues with your hearing, and they will be able to talk you through your future with your hearing complaint.

The big question is: how do you know when you should see an audiologist?

When you're avoiding social situations

Those who are suffering from a decline in their hearing often start to avoid being around others. Their depression and desire to withdraw from situations that would normally fill them with excitement is a sign their hearing is declining quickly. Isolation is a significant side effect of hearing loss, and an audiologist can assess the hearing loss and help you to determine which treatment will be right for you.

When you can't differentiate a child's voice

When you are losing your hearing, your ability to distinguish between certain sounds becomes much harder. If you are finding it hard to hear children, you could have lost your ability to hear higher pitches. If children think you're not listening, it could just be that you can't hear what they're saying because your hearing is no longer as good as it used to be.

When you keep increasing the volume

Some people have their TV set quite low for volume, able to hear it from a suitable distance and without it shouting the house down. If you've noticed you're turning it up way beyond what you usually do; it's time to see an audiologist!

When the hearing loss is sudden

There are a lot of reasons that you could be fine one minute, and suddenly your hearing is gone, from a build-up of earwax to perforation of your eardrum. Sudden loss often means you need to seek some help immediately, and your audiologist can assess your ears both inside and outside to diagnose and treat what's gone awry.

When you need a routine checkup

The quality of your hearing will change as you age, which means that you need to get a checkup the older you get to ensure that you aren't going to be left behind with your hearing needs. You need to be on the right treatment plan, and your audiologist can assure that this is the case for you.

When you have excessive earwax produced

Our ears are smart enough to self-clean on the inside. The problem is that sometimes, the cleaning mechanism can go awry and if you are wearing earplugs or hearing aids that block your ears, this is especially true. When earwax builds up too, you need to have it removed professionally by an audiologist for your own comfort.