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What are the Benefits of BTE Hearing Aids?

Man with BTE Device

For those with hearing loss, hearing aids are by far the most popular and effective form of treatment. However, there is no simple “hearing aid” that is suitable for all needs - there are a variety of different styles available, all of which offer their own unique benefits to the end.

In this piece, we are going to focus on one of the most popular styles currently available: “behind-the-ear” - or simply “BTE” as they are most commonly known - devices. If you are currently searching for a new hearing aid and have been considering a BTE device, here are a few benefits this popular style can provide…

1. Suitable for all levels of hearing loss

One of the first considerations for any hearing aid style is the degree of hearing loss that the style in question can treat, and in this regard, BTE hearing aids are hugely beneficial. BTE hearing aids can treat all levels of hearing loss, ranging from mild to profound.

2. Battery life

BTE hearing aids are relatively large devices, especially when compared to in-the-canal (ITC) or invisible-in-canal (IIC) devices. However, the size of BTE hearing aids allows larger batteries, which usually offer a longer lifespan, to be used. While the exact battery life will vary depending on factors such as the manufacturer, how often you use your hearing aids, and the amplification levels used, choosing a BTE device usually means that your hearing aid batteries will last far longer than those found in smaller styles.

3. Easy maintenance

Many styles of hearing aids are vulnerable to issues such as moisture or earwax buildup, which is usually due to the device needing to sit very close to (or in) the ear canal itself. However, BTE devices do not sit particularly close to the ear canal, which means that they are less susceptible to moisture- or ear wax-related breakdowns, while also being far easier to keep clean.

4. Less likely to experience feedback

With BTE devices, the two core components of the device are separated from one another: the receiver sits behind the ear while the microphone sits at the front of the ear, with the two connected via a plastic tube. This differs from other styles such as in-the-ear (ITE) and ITC devices, which house the receiver and microphone in the same unit. The separation of these two key components helps to reduce the likelihood of feedback issues, which in turn leads to a more pleasant overall usage experience.

5. Simple to use

Many smaller hearing aid styles can be challenging to handle; the small device may be beneficial in terms of discretion, but can be problematic when it comes to making adjustments or cleaning the unit. BTE hearing aids, however, tend to be larger, which makes them simple to use, adjust, clean, and maintain.

BTE hearing aids are undeniably popular and could well prove to be the right choice for you. However, selecting hearing aids is a delicate process, so it is always advisable to discuss the different options available with your audiologist before making your final decision.