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Do the insides of your ear feel itchy? Are you struggling with an excessive level of wax on your outer ear? If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because there is far too much wax in your ear. In addition, the wax inside your ear has likely hardened, and this may actually impact your hearing. There are a variety of ways

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Regardless of whether or not you have already suffered some degree of hearing loss, exposure to constant loud sounds or noisy environments is a real risk. Besides hearing difficult, it contributes to headaches, stress levels, lack of sleep, and much more. Hearing protection is your best weapon against fighting this over-exposure, but off-the-shelf earbuds are only so effective. Here’s why

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Hearing loss occurs for a number of reasons; some of those reasons are from internal factors like genetics or illnesses, while others are from external factors such as exposure to loud noises and lifestyle. Here are some common external factors that can cause hearing loss.   1. Concerts Concerts are notorious for producing a ringing sensations in your ear afterwards;

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Hearing aids are the best device out there for people suffering from a loss of hearing. Whether both ears are bad or just the one, a hearing aid can help bring more sound back into your life. If you’re about to attend your first ever hearing aid fitting with your audiologist, then you may wonder what to expect. Bearing that

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