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If you have recently had an appointment with an audiologist, they may have mentioned the possibility of a hearing test . A hearing test can be used to explore the level of your hearing and check for any issues. Hearing tests are common, particularly for the elderly, as by the time you reach 55, you have a one in four

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Tinnitus is undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable hearing ailments that any patient can suffer from. It can be easy to ignore the signs early on, especially when the symptoms are mild, but leaving the condition untreated only allows it to get worse. Whether it’s a constant problem or one that comes and goes, an audiologist is the best person

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When you are experiencing hearing loss, a hearing aid is the natural solution that can help to increase your enjoyment of life. However, it’s unlikely that you have ever learnt much about hearing aids prior to being diagnosed with hearing loss, so the decision on which device is most suitable for you may be complex. One of the biggest decisions

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Do the insides of your ear feel itchy? Are you struggling with an excessive level of wax on your outer ear? If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because there is far too much wax in your ear. In addition, the wax inside your ear has likely hardened, and this may actually impact your hearing. There are a variety of ways

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Regardless of whether or not you have already suffered some degree of hearing loss, exposure to constant loud sounds or noisy environments is a real risk. Besides hearing difficult, it contributes to headaches, stress levels, lack of sleep, and much more. Hearing protection is your best weapon against fighting this over-exposure, but off-the-shelf earbuds are only so effective. Here’s why

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