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How Your Audiologist Can Help You with Ear Protection

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Ear protection is critical for everyone to consider, as our hearing system is very complex and sensitive. This structure can be easily damaged when exposed to intense levels of noise. Investing in proper hearing protection can help prevent damage to the inner ear by reducing your exposure to noise. It is important to seek the advice of an audiologist when it comes to ear protection. They will be able to advise you on your specific needs such as earplugs and noise-canceling muffs.

Preventing exposure to loud noises

Hearing loss can occur after being exposed to a noise which is higher than 85 decibels. This could be a short, loud noise or regular exposure over a period of time. This means that it is essential to wear hearing protection if your job or hobby exposes you to loud noises regularly. Not only will hearing protection prevent loss of hearing but it can also hinder the onset of tinnitus.

How can an audiologist help you?

Your hearing can be damaged so easily by high noise levels, so incorporating a visit to the audiologist is a good habit to get into. An audiologist will be able to offer you an extensive range of hearing protection during your regular checkup. You don’t want to take your hearing for granted so take preventative action now and book an appointment.

The benefits of earplugs

Using noise-canceling earplugs can protect your long-term hearing health if you are expecting to be exposed. In your day-to-day life, loud noises can be unavoidable, so earplugs are an excellent way to protect your hearing while you continue to work and go out and about.

Ear protection for multiple purposes

There is a wide range of tailored, molded earplugs that will suit all of your needs. Your audiologist will be able to advise you what kind of ear protection you require for your job or lifestyle. All earplugs are specially designed to fit the needs of the user in a particular environment. Here are some of the choices you will have:

  • Musician earplugs for noise reduction which will allow you to listen to loud music during your work gigs
  • Shooting and hunting earplugs which will protect your long-term ear health
  • Swimming earplugs for athletes and swimmers to care for their ears
  • Sleeping earplug for those who are likely to be disturbed by loud noises at night

Reach out today

If you think you could benefit from ear protection during everyday life or at work, speak to an audiologist today. They will be able to advise you on the best earplugs or other protection so that you can prevent hearing loss and look after your ear health for the long term.