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How to Prepare for Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

Your trip to the audiologist for the hearing aid fitting appointment is fast approaching and you’ll be eager to ensure that you leave the center with the best devices and best information. The best way to make that happen is to properly prepare.

Here are five simple suggestions that will prepare you for the hearing aid fitting appointment in style.

Ensure that you’ve completed all other visits

Hearing aid fittings follow the hearing loss tests and measurement phases. If you’ve used an organized and professional audiologist service throughout, they will guide you through the process.

You should have researched hearing aid types to make the selection process ahead of placing the order for your fitting far easier too. Failure to take care of these precursors could negatively impact the fitting process, which is why it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid causing temporary hearing changes

The appointment provides the audiologist with another chance to check that the device is correctly programmed and is built to aid your hearing profile. Unfortunately, it can be a little hard to do that if you have caused temporary damage due to exposure to loud noises in the last 48 hours or so.

Avoid wearing headphones or listening to loud music and be sure to wear the right defense tools in working environments. When your natural hearing is at its best, it’ll be far easier to confirm that the devices are right.

Be organized

Fitting appointments aren’t simply about picking up your device. In fact, you can expect to spend around an hour going through the various aspects of the process. So, you cannot afford to turn up late as this will cut into your time and limit your chances of success.

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment as it’ll give you time to sign in. On a similar note, be sure to free up enough time in your day for the entire fitting. Rushing things is never the answer.

Ask a loved one to join you

This is a scary and unfamiliar scenario, not least because your hearing won’t be very good until after you’ve left. As such, it’s never a bad idea to ask a friend or relative to provide an extra pair of ears.

Whether it’s clarifying items that you’ve missed or remembering instructions that you may have forgotten due to the many different issues going on doesn’t matter. Their support can be telling, especially on an emotional level. Embrace it.

Think about the questions you’ll want to ask

Ask about troubleshooting issues, ongoing maintenance and tips that can help enhance your daily experiences of using hearing aids. This can include finding out more information about the various features and capabilities of the device.

If you can leave the appointment feeling confident and clear, you won’t go far wrong.