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Hearing Health Blog

The ear is a marvelous part of our body. Allowing us to hear and interpret the world around us. Enabling us to hear a baby’s coo, a dog’s bark, a composer’s masterpiece, a siren, a funny movie or a loved ones words of endearment.  So amazing what the ear does for us each and every day, but how does it

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As far as conditions relating to healthy ears are concerned, tinnitus is easily one that stands out. It’s a common issue, can be very annoying, and is capable of striking at any time. Despite the knowledge that it’s a problem you could face at some stage, many people know very little about it. A little research goes a long way,

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We wash our bodies every day; we carefully use facial scrubs; and we use a nailbrush when we want to get dirt from under our fingernails. Yet despite this focus on cleanliness for the rest of the body, we have a tendency not to clean our ears with the same regularity. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, there

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Your audiologist is a great resource when it comes to improving your hearing. Not only can they diagnose hearing problems but they can suggest solutions. While the most obvious solution is typically hearing aids, be sure to ask your audiologist about other ways to improve your hearing. Let’s look at some of the ways you can improve your hearing which

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