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Adults can tell you when they can’t hear something or if a person sounds muffled. But hearing loss can be more challenging to detect in young children, especially those who cannot yet speak. We typically associate hearing loss with aging, but many conditions can lead to hearing loss in children too. Otitis media, for instance, is an inner ear infection

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Most people are happy to visit the dentist or get their eyes checked on a frequent basis, but millions fail to book frequent appointments with their hearing care provider. Given that over 50 million Americans suffer with hearing loss, tinnitus, or other related issues, it’s about time that you took control of the situation. However, most people simply don’t know

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One of the most common hearing problems today is tinnitus . It's usually considered to be a harmless issue that goes away in time, but for some people, this otologic problem has some debilitating effects that last for years. As an audiologist will tell you, tinnitus is the term for the ringing or buzzing heard in the ear despite the

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Everyone has a responsibility to take care of their body, and regular cleaning is a vital part of the personal health and beauty processes. However, there is a little ambiguity when dealing with the ears. So, do you need to clean your ears ? Let us provide some clarity. Is daily cleaning required? In short: the answer is both yes

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While hearing loss is a relatively common condition, it receives relatively little focus when compared to other aspects of health. As a result, we thought it might be useful to put together a guide to the ins and outs of hearing loss, the symptoms it can present and how the condition can be treated. What is hearing loss? Hearing loss

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