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Benefits of ITC Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Styles

When you are experiencing hearing loss, a hearing aid is the natural solution that can help to increase your enjoyment of life. However, it’s unlikely that you have ever learnt much about hearing aids prior to being diagnosed with hearing loss, so the decision on which device is most suitable for you may be complex.

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when purchasing your hearing aid is what type of device you want. To try and help you make sense of the options, we’re going to focus on a specific type of device, and what it may have to offer you. Let’s look deeper into In The Canal (ITC) hearing aids, and why they might be the best choice for you…


If you have informed your hearing health professional that discretion is important to you when choosing a hearing aid, then it’s likely they will recommend ITC devices. ITC devices fit in the ear canal, which means they are incredibly discreet— most onlookers won’t even know that you’re wearing one. If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of wearing a hearing aid, then considering ITC devices is definitely going to be a good move.

Suitable for severe hearing loss

Some hearing aids are not particularly well-suited to people who are suffering from moderate or severe hearing loss, but you should have no such problems with ITC hearing aids. No matter your level of hearing loss, the design of ITC devices means they should be able to provide substantial improvement to your hearing capabilities.

Can be worn while using telephones and headsets

One potential issue that your hearing health professional will warn you of when considering hearing aids is how the devices can impact your ability to use telephones and headsets. If this is a particular concern for you, then ITC devices could be the solution. Due to the fact they sit in the ear canal itself, you should have no issues when wearing ITC devices and using telephones or headsets.

Less likely to work loose when chewing

Thanks to their position in the ear canal, ITC devices are far less likely to “work loose” when chewing or moving. This problem is more likely with other types of hearing aids, so if it’s something you’re concerned about, ITC devices might be the best choice for you.

Excellent sound quality

The sound quality provided by ITC hearing aids is generally considered to be excellent, thanks to the dual microphones that this type of device uses. ITC hearing aids are well liked by users due to their ability to provide clear, crisp amplification in a variety of different environments.

There is no type of hearing aid that is suitable for everyone, so it is imperative that you discuss the options with your hearing care provider to ensure you find a device that suits you. ITC hearing aids might be the best choice, but further discussions with the professionals who are overseeing your care are also an essential part of an educated and reliable purchasing process.