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4 Technology ‘Tells’ that you Need a Hearing Test

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Technology is a wonderful thing, making life easier for so many reasons. Technology is so helpful that it’s easy to tweak up the volume on the TV without realizing why you’re doing it. With an ear to our hearing health, let’s take a look at the clues your gadgets are giving you that a hearing test is a good idea.

#1: Cellphone settings

The volume on a cellphone is easily adjusted. It’s usually a matter of holding down a button on the side of the phone. This makes it super easy to up the volume in noisy setting such as a football game. But what if you are using this button more and more in quiet surroundings?

Consider whether you regularly increase the volume and perhaps even ask a friend to use the phone and see how comfortable it is. If they recoil while rubbing their ears, then this is a ‘tell’ that your hearing isn’t all that it should be.

#2: TV tunings

Likewise the radio and TV come with volume controls. If programs seem to be quieter than in the past, and you’re ratcheting up the volume dial, then consider other explanations such as hearing loss.

With this in mind, it might not be you who notices this problem. It might be your partner – or even your neighbors – who complain how loud the TV is.

#3: Missed calls

Have you missed a friend calling because you didn’t hear the doorbell? This is understandable if you were vacuuming, but not if you sitting in the lounge room reading. If a pattern emerges of missed visitors or phone calls, then give careful consideration to your hearing.

#4: Phone avoidance

Do you dread your phone vibrating in your pocket because it means you have to take a call? If you experience anxiety at the thought of speaking on the phone, or struggle to hold a phone conversation, then consider poor hearing may be playing a part.

Should you get a hearing test?

While it’s normal to miss the odd phone call or dislike chatting to certain people, consider the bigger picture. If you also find it difficult to hear what people say face-to-face or are regularly misunderstanding what’s been said, then think about your hearing health.

If in doubt, a hearing test is a good idea. Schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area. When hearing loss is detected early, it is easier to correct. In addition, the hearing center in your brain stays fit and healthy, which protects it for later life. Alternatively, if you turn a blind eye to hearing loss, the part of the brain responsible for interpreting sounds tends to shut down. This makes it more difficult to adjust to life with a hearing device when eventually there’s no dodging the issue.

Be alert to what your technology is telling you about the state of your hearing, and if necessary, schedule a hearing test to find out for sure.