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4 Services You Should See an Audiologist For

Hearing Doctors

Are you having issues with your ears or your hearing? You might want to book an appointment with an audiologist. An audiologist can provide a range of different services and solutions that will help you and provide you with a better quality of life.

Ear cleaning

Have you noticed a buildup of wax in or around your outer ear? This can be a sign of excess earwax that is coming from your inner ear. You could also have noticed pain or discomfort from inside your ear and it’s possible that you have even experienced distortion to your hearing. If that’s the case, then it might be worth getting your ears cleaned. An audiologist can provide this treatment for you. Typically, an ear cleaning will simply involve squirting warm liquid into your ear directly from a tube. This is often enough to soften hardened earwax at which point it drips out by itself as it should. For earwax that has been impacted, it may need to be removed through other methods but this is not typically necessary.

Hearing test

An audiologist can also provide you with a hearing test. A hearing test will be necessary if you have noticed any change to your hearing. This could once again be distorted hearing or a certain level of hearing loss. In either case, an audiologist will be able to assess the issue. They will start by conducting a physical examination to check for anything like a buildup of earwax. Once this has been completed, they will then perform a few checks on how your hearing is actually working. In other words, they will look at what sounds or pitches you can and can’t hear at certain volumes. They will then check how your ears are picking up different sounds and finally provide a diagnosis. An audiologist can also offer treatment options, usually in the form of hearing aids.

Hearing aid fittings

If you do need hearing aids, you will require a hearing aid fitting and an audiologist can offer this service as well. A hearing aid fitting is important for several reasons. This appointment will allow the audiologist to ensure you have the right devices for your specific needs. Ear anatomy varies person to person, so it’s important your device fits properly. Otherwise, a hearing aid can be very uncomfortable and you don’t want that. A hearing aid fitting also provides key information about how your hearing aids operate and troubleshoot any issues that you might have with them. Without a hearing aid fitting, you can get completely lost trying to operate this tech device.

Hearing aid repairs

Finally, an audiologist will also provide you with hearing aid repairs. Hearing aids are delicate devices and can easily get damaged or broken. Common issues can include a buildup of earwax, a snapped hook or even light damage to the earmold. On rare occasions, you might also find that there is a technical malfunction and if that’s the case the hearing aid will need to be replaced.