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4 Facts About Tinnitus

Tinnitus Sufferer

As far as conditions relating to healthy ears are concerned, tinnitus is easily one that stands out. It’s a common issue, can be very annoying, and is capable of striking at any time. Despite the knowledge that it’s a problem you could face at some stage, many people know very little about it.

A little research goes a long way, not least in terms of removing the element of surprise. Here are four facts about the condition that can put you in a stronger position should you face it. Whether you’re a sufferer or someone that just wants to be prepared for the worst, this info is key.

It’s an issue with the brain as well as the ears

The ringing or other sounds will occur in the ears, which is why most people assume it’s a condition solely linked to this part of the body. While the problems usually start from the ears, it’s the communication to the brain that produces the buzzing.

Infections, earwax, and other elements cause a reduction in the sound information being sent to the brain. As such, it works even harder in a bid to compensate, which then leads to the internal sounds being picked up.

Around 30 percent of people will suffer from it some stage

Ask any audiologist about the most common conditions they encounter, and tinnitus will be one of the first answers. It’s believed that 30 percent of the population will face this issue at one stage or another. Perhaps more tellingly, it can happen to anyone of any age or background.

While the condition is often a result of wax or other inner ear issues, the fact that there is no set cause makes it difficult to prevent. Moreover, it doesn’t cast a reflection of bad overall health and can strike even the healthiest of people.

Hearing aids do help

Tinnitus is a stressful condition to face, particularly when it occurs regularly or continuously. Thankfully, there are ways to manage the situation. Hearing aids offer clarity of hearing, masking the sounds to help reduce the damage caused. Aside from aiding tinnitus, it can combat hearing loss and other issues.

The key, however, is to get the best hearing aids for you. A professional audiologist enables you to do this, as well as think about other treatments. With that support, tinnitus needn’t be as scary as you first feared. Furthermore, it needn’t impact your life in such a strong manner.

Surroundings do influence the chances

While there is no one single cause for tinnitus, many issues are known to put you at greater risk. Being around loud noises on a frequent basis will increase the likelihood of facing tinnitus. In fact, it is the leading war wound for veterans that served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Working on construction sites and other loud environments can be damaging too. Therefore, protecting the ears with suitable defense products is key for anyone in this situation. It certainly won’t make you invincible, but it should prevent issues and reduce the impacts if it does strike.