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3 Reasons to See an Audiologist for Ear Cleaning

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Do the insides of your ear feel itchy? Are you struggling with an excessive level of wax on your outer ear? If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because there is far too much wax in your ear. In addition, the wax inside your ear has likely hardened, and this may actually impact your hearing. There are a variety of ways to clean wax from your ear, but they are not all equal or safe. An audiologist can complete this service for you. Here are three reasons why going to see one is a smart move.

They’ll tell you if earwax is the actual issue

It is worth being aware that earwax is only one of the reasons why you might have problems with your hearing or why your ears feel itchy. It’s equally possible that it’s actually something else entirely. For instance, earwax can cause the signs of tinnitus. But so can an abnormal growth inside your ear and you won’t get rid of that by cleaning your ears. Or, it could be due to the fact that you are actually losing your hearing, due to age or even damage to your ears. You do need to know if this is the case because you will have to consider treatment options.

You might think that you have a build up of wax in your ears and that they need cleaning out. But an audiologist will be able to tell you for sure, using advanced equipment. If there is an issue, they can complete the cleaning process, and if it’s not due to earwax, they can recommend other treatment.

It’s perfectly safe

Not all methods of cleaning out the wax inside your ears are safe, and it’s easy to get misled here. Cotton swabs were once recommended as the best way to keep your ear clean. But now, knowledge is more advanced and we know that by using cotton swabs you can actually push the earwax in further. That’s why audiologists don’t use this treatment method. Instead, they using their equipment to carefully and safely insert a solution inside your ear to soften the wax. Once they have done this, you ear will be completely free of the issue.

No mistakes

It is easy to make mistakes when you’re trying to clean out your own ears. Even if you are using the right solution, it’s difficult to insert it correctly and rinse it out at the right time. You could also get the instructions wrong, and if that happens, you may find that your symptoms get worse. This can happen but it won’t if you use the services of audiologists. They’ll take extra care to make sure that your ear cleaning is handled the right way. Immediately after your treatment, you should notice that you can hear a lot better and if you did have tinnitus, it may have even faded completely.

We hope you see now why using the services of an audiologist for ear cleaning is the best option.