Our Services

Personalized Service in Convenient Comfortable Surroundings

One of the many services Stanford Hearing Aids offers is helping you getting used to new hearing aids.

Hear Kris discuss the trial time associated with new hearing aids. (2:02)

Our entire staff is dedicated to making your visit a most pleasant experience. Our facility is designed to make you feel at home. We will go the extra mile to serve your needs. We are centrally located for easy access, including handi-capped parking near the door. We make monthly visits to nursing homes and retirement facilities.

Repair Warranty and Loss or Damage Warranty

Most hearing aids purchased is accompanied by a Full Three Year Warranty. We offer a one time replacement coverage for loss or damage during the first year. In addition, we extend lifetime “in house” service and Free Lifetime hearing tests to all Stanford Hearing Aid patients.

Complete Hearing Aid Services

Because everyone’s lifestyle is different, every hearing aid requires customized fitting. Therefore, all hearing aids are fit on a 75 Day trial basis. We will work with you during this period to make adjustments to maximize your hearing aid performance and address your concerns. If the hearing aid fails to perform up to your expectations, for any reason, simply return the hearing aid to us within 75 days. We will refund the price of the hearing aid to you. However, custom ear molds and diagnostic testing are non-refundable.

We offer a wide selection of styles from America’s leading manufacturers, including computer programmable and digital processing hearing aids. You can be assured we have available ALL hearing aid styles and circuits to meet your individual needs and budget. We also repair all makes and models and carry a complete line of hearing aid batteries.

Complete Hearing Tests and Diagnostic Services

Comprehensive audiometric techniques are the basis for every hearing test at Stanford Hearing Aids. Your test includes pure tone air and bone conduction, word recognition, speech reception thresholds and all non-medical aspects of hearing impairment analysis including an otoscopic exam.

Hearing Screening is Always Free

Testing, analysis and recommendations are performed by a Board Certified Hearing Instruments Specialist and Clinically Certified Audiologists with 50 years combined testing and hearing aid experience.

Our professional staff is complemented by electronic testing equipment representing the newest technology in the industry. Excellence in hearing health care demands the use of the most advanced computerization with the delivery of our products and services.

Computerized Real Ear Fittings

Our Real Ear computerized probe measurement system allows us to accurately measure the frequency response of your hearing aid while it is in your ear. This technique allows us to measure how loud your hearing aid is within your unique ear canal, eliminating the guess work for your prescription.

Real Ear testing is part of the complete service package you’ll receive at Stanford Hearing Aids, a service only 30% of hearing health professionals nation wide use.